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Session 7--Moving Toward the Presentation

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Moving Toward the Presentation


In today's session we are going to look at the criteria for evaluating your presentations which you have brainstormed.  Below is a summary of the comments which we collected in our last session.


Objectives:  To discuss criteria for evaluation;

                    To decide on the media and techniques for your presentation.




Evaluation Guidelines

From the information gathered at our 3/6 brainstorming session, Amelia and Maria have developed the following guidelines for evaluation.


I.  Ability to Manage a Project.


  • Find and post useful information for the project in a timely and neat way.
  • Contributions to discussions and written reflections are thoughtful and thorough.



  • The group considers the different perspectives of its members in both the content of the presentation and in planning for it.
  • The final presentation can (should) show multiple perspectives or facets of the topic, but the team members should present the content in a focused and organized way.  That is, it must be clear to the audience that there is a collective purpose behind this presentation.
  • All team members must contribute to the planning and organization of the final presentation.  For example, the whole team should agree on visuals and media used so that the presentation will have a coordinated and professional appearance.  They should also plan so that each person knows how long s/he will be speaking, and they should make sure that these time limits are adhered to.


II.  Ability to Articulate Your Ideas


  • You have described links clearly and organized material on the wiki so that your classmates and instructors know how to find information that you have posted.
  • Reflections and analyses are thoughtful and thorough.  Errors in grammar or word choice do not prevent the reader from understanding what the writer is trying to say.
  • Any written materials used in the final presentation have been carefully edited so that they give a professional appearance to the presentation.  This means that they are appropriate in content, attractive, and free from errors in grammar or spelling.


Research, Reading, and Listening

  • You will be evaluated on your ability to select reliable and relevant research for your project.
  • Your written analyses and presentation must show that you have understood what you have read or listened to (so make sure that you confirm understanding with your teammates and instructors well in advance of the final presentation).
  • Your ability to respond to audience questions and comments will show your instructors that you understand your classmates AND that you are sufficiently knowledgeable about the topic to have a response for them. 


Speaking (The Final Presentation)

Students will be evaluated on their ability to communicate the message clearly by:  

  • Presenting main ideas and significant details accurately;
  • Using and explaining terms associated with topic;
  • Using transitions to help the audience follow;
  • Speaking about the topic with confidence and enthusiasm;
  • Speaking fluently with reasonably clear pronunciation, accurate grammar and word choice so that the audience does not have to struggle to understand;
  • Establishing a good rapport with the audience by using eye contact and gestures;
  • Speaking naturally instead of reading notes or reciting a memorized speech.







Presentation Tutorials

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