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Session 6--Planning for Evaluations and Presentations

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The goals today are to discuss the evaluation process and begin to plan for your presentation.  When considering this, you should think about what it is you think you want to be evaluated on and how you want to be evaluated.  To begin, we will do the following:


Project Evaluation


  • create new teams who will discuss criteria for grading for 15 minutes,
  • brainstorm to create a list of evaluation criteria on the board, and
  • edit the list which will serve as the criteria for grading.


Some points you may want to consider when discussing evaluation might be the following.  Please feel free to edit, add, and/or delete any of these items.


Possible Criteria for Evaluating the Capstone Projects


  • ·      Use of Technology:  Creating a wiki space that is organized and clear so that team readers and outsiders can understand it.


  • ·      Oral and Written Communication


  • ·      Critical Thinking/Analysis


  • ·      Teamwork/Sharing the Responsibility


  • ·      Giving a Professional presentation


Once we have finished this activity, you should return to your project teams and review the comments which your instructors have made and continue working as directed to plan and design your presentations.


Presentation Design



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