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Session 5--Commenting on Links

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Our goals in this session are threefold and all have to do with evaluation :  


  1. to follow up Session 4, you will continue to evaluate the validity of the links or resources that you have found thus far;
  2. you will reflect on the work that you are doing on your own, as a team, and with the teachers; and
  3. you will consider what type of evaluation you expect be  and how you would like to be evaluated.



1.  Evaluating the validity of your links


In order to expedite this discussion, you should use the hard copy of the questions from Session 4 handed out today to do the following:


  • present and share your link with your teammates
  • using the questions from last week, explain your opinion about this link
  • go to the discussion page in your team folder and go over the comments there
  • add more ideas or links as necessary during your discussion



2.  Reflections/discussion of the work you have completed thus far


  • discuss the purposefulness of the work you are doing on your own, as a team, and with the instructors
  • offer feedback on how to make the process more efficient
  • consider how to handle the workload going forward from these 3 perspectives



3.  Thinking about the evaluation process


This project is multifaceted and involves honing some very important academic and interpersonal skills as well multiple intelligences, such as reasoning/logic, kinesthetic, and linguistic.  We are interested in knowing how you would like to be evaluated.  In this part of the class, this is what we could like you to consider.


If we instructors were going to evaluate your projects, some possible aspects that we might consider could include the following.


  • ·      Use of technology:  Creating a wiki space that is organized and clear so that team readers and outsiders can understand it.


  • ·      Oral and Writing Communication


  • ·      Critical Thinking/analysis


  • ·      Teamwork/sharing the responsibility


  •       Giving a professional presentation 


The actual evaluation could be done as a team in which each member evaluate the others, and then the instructors use that information in their final evaluation.


We want you to ponder these issues seriously and attempt to come up with ideas about how you would like us to evaluate you and the team capstone project and what we should take into consideration in this process.


We recommend that you discuss this, then record your thoughts, and send those to both Amelia and Maria.

















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