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Session 4-Analyzing Links

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In this session, you will practice study questions and techniques that will help you analyze material on your topic.  Here is the plan and questions for Session 4.


  • Choose one of last week's posted links to view and discuss with your group.
  • Use the questions below analyze the link together.
  • As part of your viewing and discussion, choose 3 to 5 words related to your topic.  Create a new vocabulary page for your project folder and write the words with definitions.             



  • Choose a link to watch or to study individually and present it to your team. 
  • Write your thoughts and comment on this link on your wiki page using the questions as guidelines.
  • Make sure you add a few relevant vocabulary items and their definitions to the group vocabulary page. 



  1. What’s the main point(s)? 
  2. How does the writer/speaker support the main points? 
  3. Is he/she effective?  Why or why not? 
  4. What qualifies this writer/speaker to offer this opinion/argument? 
  5. Is this a reliable source?  Why or why not? 
  6. Who is the intended audience? 
  7. Is this presentation effective?  Does it make a good argument?  Did this change your opinion on the topic? 
  8. What questions do you have after reading or watching this?  (Vis-à-vis content/language)  What do you want to know more about? 
  9. What are your next steps in finding relevant sources for your group topic? 
  10. While watching/reading, take notes on vocabulary or jargon pertaining to your subject.

















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