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Session 2--Finding Our Topic

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In this session, you will commit to a study topic and form work teams.  Here are the steps you will take to accomplish these goals.


1.  Refer to last week's list of topics.  Choose one of the topics as is, modify it, or choose a new one.

2.  Share why you are interested in your topic and try to persuade other people to join your team. 

3.  Once you have formed work teams of three or four people, share personal perspectives (elevator pitch) and ideas about the topic in preparation for a homework writing assignment.




Resource #1: List of Possible Topics from Last Week's Class




Resource #2: Directions for Your Elevator Pitch


Elevator Pitches are speeches that are designed to be delivered in the time it takes to complete an elevator ride (approximately 1 minute).  Your job is to create a succinct, easy-to-understand, and appealing speech that will persuade your listener to do what you want--invest in your business, give you a job, go on a date with you, or join your work team.


Here are some suggestions for things to include in your pitch:

  • Say who you are and explain why you are interested in your topic;
  • Give a few reasons why the topic might be relevant to the person you're speaking to;
  • Explain why it might be interesting to study the topic as a team;
  • Say something else that might persuade your listener to join your team.


Resource #3: Guidelines for a Follow Up Writing Assignment


Reflect on the discussion that you had with your teammates today about your topic.  Write 1 to 3 paragraphs that explore the topic from your point of view.  You might discuss things such as what you know about the topic/issue already, how your perspective might be different from others, questions you have or things you'd like to learn about your topic.  Please post your writing on your group's WIKI page by Monday 2/11, so that others in your team will have time to read it.   You should also read your teammates' writing and post a comment for them before next Wednesday's session. 


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